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Enamel is important for your teeth. It is what makes up the hard outer surface of your teeth, which helps you bite into food and protects the tooth pulp and nerves from infection. The enamel can be weakened by certain habits, which can involve brushing your teeth. If you consider the following tips, you can keep your enamel strong.

One thing that can help is to brush firmly but not with too much force. Yes, you are trying to clean your teeth, but scrubbing too much can wear down enamel. Enamel may feel hard, but it can steadily rub off if you brush with too much vigor. As you work to bring your brushing so it is firm on plaque but also has the right amount of gentleness, you can keep the enamel in good condition.

Acidic foods and drinks, like soda, can also wear down enamel. We understand that knowing this, your first reaction may be to brush it off. However, we recommend you wait about 30 minutes before you do, as the enamel may be softened enough that even gentle brushing can rub it off.

There are some things that can help you bring the acidity down while you wait for the half hour to elapse. You can chew on sugarless gum, which can entice your mouth to generate more saliva. Saliva can dull the acidic level so it cannot affect your enamel so much. Water can also be useful for this task. Once you have the acidity taken care of and have given your enamel 30 minutes to regain its strength, you can safely brush your teeth.

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