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The tooth enamel on your teeth provides a strong protective layer against tooth decay, but sometimes it needs extra help to prevent cavities. If your child seems prone to cavities, dental sealants may be the right solution to protect the back teeth.

Every molar and premolar has deep grooves that cover the biting surfaces, and this is to help the teeth effectively grind up food. However, really deep or narrow grooves can’t always be reached with a toothbrush, and may trap food and bacteria that then cause the teeth to develop cavities. Children tend to be at a higher risk for cavities because their sugary snacks and unfamiliarity with proper oral hygiene can result in a lot of bacteria in their mouths.

You may find that dental sealants for children are one of the best methods to prevent cavities on the back teeth. These thin shells are hard to see but cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth to resist the effects of oral bacteria. The dental sealant placement process involves cleaning the teeth, roughening the biting surface with an acidic substance, and applying the dental sealants to the vulnerable teeth.

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