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Composite fillings are ideal for repairing teeth, particularly those in the front of your mouth where they are visible. They are also good for small to medium-sized cavities, especially since they can be shaped to look like a normal tooth.

They are made of a mixture of glass and quartz filler, along with the composite resin material (a plastic). They are bonded to the tooth directly, so they handle chewing pressure well as well as temperature extremes without cracking.

Because composite resin (or tooth-colored) fillings don’t require removing excess parts of the tooth structure, it supports the structural integrity of the tooth.

To place a composite dental filling, your dentist will isolate the tooth to keep it free from moisture (and saliva). Next, the decayed areas of the tooth are thoroughly removed. The composite filling will be layered over the opening, and a special light will be used to cure the filling material, hardening it between each application. After the filling is done it will be contoured to look like your normal tooth. Now you will be the proud owner of a discreet, nearly invisible filling, restoring the tooth’s function.

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