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If you want to prevent the development of dental issues in your smile and maintain excellent dental health, then our team invites you to strengthen your teeth with regular exposure to fluoride.

A naturally occuring mineral, fluoride is very beneficial for your smile, and you would do well to treat your teeth to fluoride every single day. Sources of fluoride include food and even some areas of public drinking water. Fluoride helps to fortify your teeth so that they are better able to ward off harmful plaque and repel the effects of eroding acids–which can greatly reduce your risk of dental issues. Consuming the proper amount of fluoride on a daily basis is important because your teeth are regularly demineralized by other substances. Without efficient fluoride exposure, your teeth can weaken and become highly susceptible to issues such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Sandra L. Parker DDS Inc is pleased to offer easy and simple fluoride treatment in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam that is often flavored for your enjoyment. A member of our team can can place a dental tray filled with fluoride into your mouth or paint the fluoride directly onto your teeth. You may need to avoid eating certain foods or brushing your teeth for a certain amount of time so that the fluoride can deeply penetrate your teeth.

To learn more about your options for fluoride treatment in Anaheim, California, contact Sandra L. Parker DDS Inc at 714-289-0421 today and schedule a time to consult with our friendly dentist, Dr. Sandra L. Parker.