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The fall air has crept in once more, which can mean only one thing, Halloween time is here once again. As the festival of sweets & treats arises, don’t forget to take the time to set your oral health on the path of success.

Having an effective plan for the holiday season can be extremely beneficial. This includes knowing what to do with hazardous candy, what to do with excess candy and other helpful hints for your oral hygiene.

Always be sure you’re eating healthy. This includes healthy sweets and treats that are high in water and crunchy to help remove residue that may linger after meals. In addition, be sure to clean out your mouth after eating to reduce your risk for tooth decay. Avoid candies that can stick to your teeth and gums such as taffy and caramels, as they can increase the rate at which tooth decay will occur.

Exercise caution with hard products such as popcorn balls or candy apples. If you are not careful, these products can chip or crack your teeth and leave you with a damaged smile. If you need any additional help with your oral health care or if you do suffer an oral injury, visit us for an exam or cleaning.

If you have any children or loved ones, you can start an incentive program to exchange their candy for toys, money, or other rewards to help keep their smile safe. Once the holiday is over, dispose of any additional candy you may have lying around. This will help prevent the chances of snacking for weeks on end and thus, vastly increase the amount of time tooth decay can occur.

Sandra L. Parker DDS Inc wants you to have a safe and happy Halloween. If you would like to learn more, or need to set up an appointment with Dr. Sandra L. Parker, please call us to at 714-289-0421, or stop by our office in Anaheim, California.